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Tallahassee Swimming Accident Attorney

Swimming and drowning accidents are among the most tragic cases that we see at the
Law Office of David H. Burns, P.A. Often, these accidents could be avoided if the responsible parties had simply fulfilled their obligations under the law. Instead, their failure to do so can lead to life-changing and even fatal injuries.

Victims often have grounds to seek compensation for their medical care and other losses in these cases. They can be very complex legal matters, however, and the assistance of a qualified Tallahassee swimming accident lawyer can be extremely helpful. We have represented numerous injury victims in these cases as well as families wishing to pursue a
wrongful death claim following the loss of a loved one.

Serving Clients In Florida Swimming And Drowning Accident Claims

Understanding the type and severity of a victim’s injuries is very important in a swimming accident case. Many swimming pool accident cases can involve severe injuries that may require a lifetime of care. If a person is left under water for an extended period of time, for example, the lack of oxygen can lead to permanent brain damage.

We work hard to gain a complete understanding of your injuries and how they will impact you over the short and long term. When appropriate, we work with medical experts, life-planning specialists, economists and others to determine the appropriate level of compensation to seek in your case.

Retention Pond Drownings And Injuries

Accidents involving retention ponds are becoming increasingly prominent in Florida. Retention ponds are frequently used to help with flood control. They can be found in housing developments, at highway intersections and in numerous other areas. It is the responsibility of the property owners to take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents or harm to innocent people. At a minimum, guardrails, fences and warning signs should be used to alert drivers and passersby to the presence and potential hazard of the retention pond.

Our firm represents clients who have been injured and families who have lost loved ones in retention pond accidents. We have the experience and the skill to properly investigate your accident and to seek fair compensation from the negligent parties.

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If you are seeking legal representation for injuries you suffered in a swimming or drowning accident, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach our Tallahassee, Florida, office at 850-692-2000, toll free at 888-536-1781, or
via email.

We offer our clients a contingency fee plan and collect no fees unless we recover compensation in their cases.


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