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Motorcycles have become popular methods of transportation and entertainment throughout most modern cities. Although motorcycles are legally granted the same rights on the road as any other vehicle, a motorcycle can be significantly smaller in size and may become difficult for car and truck drivers to see, while sharing the road. In the event of a collision with a larger vehicle, a motorcycle will not provide the same degree of physical protection as a car or larger vehicle and the physical damage – to both the motorcycle and the driver – is often serious.

Florida Bike Crash Injury Attorney

In the event that you have been injured due to a negligent or distracted auto vehicle driver, you need compensation in order to cover both your property and physical damage.

With a combined 70 years’ experience as Tallahassee motorcycle incident attorneys, our team of lawyers at The Law Offices of David H. Burns, P.A., has experience representing a multitude of individuals who have been injured in motorcycle incidents.

Our firm has handled personal injury claims resulting in:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Wrongful death

We are a group of skilled personal injury lawyers who represent injured motorcyclists every day, and we are dedicated to the recovery of our clients’ cases. Whether you are facing mainly property damage or serious personal injury, we can help.

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