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Tallahassee Head-On Collision Attorneys

Head-on collisions can result in serious injuries. With impact speeds that can exceed 60 miles per hour in some cases, it is possible for victims to be ejected from their vehicles and suffer broken bones,
brain and spinal cord injuries. In the most extreme cases, victims’ injuries can be fatal.

If you have been injured in a car accident that you did not cause, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified Tallahassee head-on collision lawyer who knows the law and can help you understand your rights. At the
Law Office of David H. Burns, P.A., we represent injury victims in a vast array of complex auto accident claims.

Seeking Justice For Florida Car Accident Victims

Head-on collisions can happen in many different ways. Insurance companies sometimes attempt to place blame on the victim and unfairly deny a legitimate claim for damages. We have extensive experience with these cases, and we understand the tactics insurance companies use to protect their own interests, and our attorneys know how to counter them.

Thorough investigation is key to our attorneys’ ability to present a compelling argument on your behalf. We conduct a thorough review of police reports, witness statements, accident scene photos and any other evidence relevant to your case. When appropriate, we hire accident reconstructionists to visit the accident scene to gather additional evidence in support of your case.

Contact Our Florida Lawyers About Your Auto Accident Claim

If you are seeking legal representation for injuries you suffered in a head-on collision, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach our Tallahassee, Florida, office at 850-692-2000, toll free at 888-536-1781, or
via email.

We offer our clients a contingency fee plan and collect no fees unless we recover compensation in their cases.


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