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Tallahassee Road Construction Accident Lawyers

No matter where you are in Florida, you will likely not have to travel far to find some type of construction project on a city street or local highway. Construction zones can be difficult areas to navigate, and the possibility of a serious accident can increase substantially. If you have been seriously injured in a road construction accident, a Tallahassee attorney can help you understand your rights.

At the
Law Office of David H. Burns, P.A., we provide dedicated representation to victims who have been injured in accidents that occur in a construction zone. In most auto accident cases, the focus is on the negligence of the drivers involved. There can be times, however, that the construction crew shares in the liability for the accident. We consider all options in our efforts to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients.

Representing Construction Zone Accident Victims In Florida

There are specific guidelines in place that dictate how Florida road construction zones should be set up. When the failure to follow these guidelines contributes to the cause of an accident, it may create liability on the part of the construction contractor, the local government entity or both.

Some factors that may constitute negligence in these instances include:

  • Inadequate or unclear temporary lane markers
  • Inadequate construction zone signage
  • Insufficient or missing guard rails
  • Dangerous shoulder drop-offs
  • Inadequate or negligent traffic control measures
  • Negligent operation of construction vehicles

Of course, many road construction work zone accidents occur due to the negligence of another driver. We will conduct a thorough investigation into your case and pursue appropriate action against all negligent parties.

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