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In any auto accident, every occupant of every vehicle involved can be at risk of serious injuries. In many instances, passengers can be at greater risk of injury than the drivers. Whether they were riding in the negligent party’s car, the victim’s car or the liability for the accident was shared between both drivers, injured passengers have the right to seek compensation for their medical care and other losses arising from an auto accident.

At the
Law Office of David H. Burns, P.A., we have represented numerous passengers who were injured in serious auto accidents. We have extensive experience with these matters, and we are committed to protecting our clients’ interests. Our understanding of the types of injuries that passengers can suffer in various car accidents allows us to be proactive in seeking compensation that accommodates the victim’s current and future needs.

An Experienced Advocate For Injured Florida Passengers

Many injured passengers do not understand their rights in these matters. Our Tallahassee passenger injury lawyers take the time to explain your legal options and the types of damages that may be available for your claim. We work hard to negotiate a fair settlement for every client, but we will not hesitate to take the matter to court in our efforts to protect your interests.

Our experience with passenger injuries includes claims involving the following types of accidents:

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